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Perficient Trading CompanyThe excellencePerficient

international trading Company, registered under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius to engage in Commodities, and Energy Trading, across the Africa Continent and beyond.

Agro Commodities

We render the service of sourcing of agricultural commodities for Companies
based locally, and internationally.

Energy products

Such as thermal coal and crude oil, oil products and natural gas. We are recognised as one of the leading energy trading companies in the Africa energy industry.

Blending and Processing

Because we market commodities from suppliers to customers, we are able to add value throughout the supply chain, through blending and processing

Storage and Logistics

We can store and ship commodities as needed via our global network of logistic assets and partnerships, both to add value and to maximise returns to our stakeholders.

Our Assets

At the heart of our marketing business, is a network of strategically located
assets, which allows us add value enhancing services such as processing,
storage, transportation of commodities and products around the world.

These assets include warehouse, ships, storage, port facilities/jetty and commodity
processing and packaging plants


As an organised company, we pay great attention to the quality of our workforce. Our employees remain our most important partners in articulating, translating, and achieving our corporate goal. We believe that a well-trained employee is an invaluable ally in our organisation.

In recognition of this, we ensure that training and re-training of our workforce is given a prime place in our annual schedule. Our manpower development programs are designed to give our work force sense of belonging and increase their self-worth.

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