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Perficient Trading Company, is an international trading Company, registered under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius to engage in Commodities, and Energy Trading, across the Africa Continent and beyond.
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Our Vision

To be the company of choice for your everyday commodities needs.

Our Mission

Customer Satisfaction through Total Quality Service Delivery


We are a highly motivated organisation with primary consideration for values. Our values derive from not just doing business profitably but doing business legitimately and ethically. We believe that as a high-flying organisation, our actions should be driven by high level adherence to corporate governance principles (Honesty, Openness, Trust, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability etc) in all issues and ramifications; knowing that we are accountable to both government and all other stakeholders in the conduct of our daily business.


Perficient Trading Company is a highly responsible corporate citizen. We aim at being environmentally friendly, adherence to highest standards of business conduct, excellent treatment of our people and maintaining a harmonious relationship with communities in our various locations of operation.

We believe that successful and peaceful co-habitation with host communities is essential part of creating good and sustainable returns to our stakeholders and our upward growth.

We are not ignorant of the contributions of our immediate environment to our business; and we do not hesitate in responding to the needs of such environments. We believe that companies that prosper economically are also companies that operate responsibly.

We have therefore established very harmonious and symbiotic relationship with our host communities. The underlying factor in this relationship is based on our understanding that we must mutually co-inhabit to maximally influence/protect our interests.

To this effect therefore, we at all times and in consideration aspire to partner with our host communities to provide services that promote societal norms and values, beneficial and sustainable, which will engender mutual trust, understanding and enabling environment for the conduct of our business.

Our corporate social responsibility policy is anchored on the dedication of certain percentage of our annual income to provision of assistance and amenities to our host environments

Our Company

Perficient Trading Company, is an international trading Company, registered  under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius to engage in Commodities, and Energy Trading, across the Africa Continent and beyond. From its origin as a core downstream petroleum marketing and trading company engaged in importing, bulk buying and selling of petroleum products, we have metamorphosed into an integrated energy centre, offering services in the broad spectrum of energy field. Perficient Trading Company has however, remained relevant in petroleum products trading through constant trading and supply of petroleum products at competitive price while expanding its footprint into commodities trading thereby impacting positively on local economies across the African Continent. We are Perficient, one of Africa’s emerging commodities powerhouses, currently trading in over 20 commodities, carefully sourced from our trusted and dedicated partners spanning from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa. We trade in hard and soft commodities such as Oil & Gas, Dry Cashew,
Cocoa, Soya Bean, Semese Seed, etc. All sourced, to help advance everyday life.

At Perficient Trading Company, we embrace the Value Based Leadership (VBL) process as a guide to operating our business. This process principally thrives on the knowledge that it is not the size or short-term financial result that determines the company’s success but how the success is achieved. We have an environment that is conducive, convivial, and welcoming; thus, ensuring that our workforce operate at optimal level.

We are one of Africa’s emerging marketers of physical commodities. We physically source commodities and product from our global supplier base and sell them to customers around the world. Over the years, we have been able to ensure timely delivery to our global clientele, thanks to our strategic investment in the commodities supply chain, as well as our partnership with our seasoned suppliers.

Our customers are drawn from a broad base of industrial consumers from sectors such as automotive, power generation, FMCG, and Oil. We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, who value our scale, reputation, and market knowledge.
Our global suppliers; we sell commodities that are sourced from all over the  world. Sourcing from continents such as Asia, Europe, North America, The middle east, and Africa.


At Perficient, we higly value a culture of collaboration and service.

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Managing DirectorTee-Anioke, Susan Chinenyenwa (Mrs.) –
Chief Operating OfficerOkeke, Rita Chinyere (Mrs.)
Director Human Resources and Admin/LegalNwabueze Hycent (Mr.) –
Manager Trading Uwem Samuel Ekpo (Mrs.)
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