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Perficient Trading Company recognises that safety and health of personnel and community are core determinants in ensuring the success of our operations.

Safety and Environmental issues are given priority attention in the conduct of
our business because of our firm belief that:
Accidents and injuries are preventable.

Everyone has a responsibility for safety both on and off the job.
No business objective is pursued at the expense of safety.
A job is satisfactorily done if it is done safely.

We stop at nothing to achieve zero accident and equipment failure or
damage in all our operations as such safety and environmental education is
part of our staff orientation programme and this is a continual process.
Every staff of Perficient Trading Company. has a personal stake and
responsibility towards ensuring that we maintain 100% safety compliance and
environmental friendliness in all our operations both on and off field.
We achieve this high level of safety and environmental consciousness through
the following:

Orientation & re-orientation of personnel on safety issues
Daily Tool Book Meeting for Workers
Weekly General Safety Meetings
Weekly Site/Warehouse/Tank Farm Inspection
Investigating & Follow up of all Near Misses & Accidents
Monitor Equipment Preventive Maintenance Schedules
Provide all personnel on site with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and
ensure that employees understand their usage